Damn the man.

That’s it. I’m done. Bloody FTP, SMTP, .com, .html, ,jpg, link, edit, copy, paste, back, forward, server, host, remote, directory, pop3, CSS, coding, format, tables, bloody index.html NO MORE! I don’t know how people do this for a living. Damn if I don’t wish I got paid for the last 3 days of agonizing torture that was creating this infernal site. This is why artists hire other people to make their sites. I am not a technological marvel. I am, however, out of fuzzy water.

Of course now I’m going to embark on the endless nitpicking that will ensue in order to find some imperfection that I overlooked initially. Istanbul is Constantinople, after all.


So, now the question arises: how soon will I completely neglect this blog thing so that future visitors can look upon it and say, “Oh, look at that. Another casualty of the Website Neglection Phenomenon. ‘Tis a pity. The woman was BRILLIANT!”
Okay, so maybe the brilliant thing was going a bit overboard, but the rest warrants merit, as I have uttered the same exclamation visiting the websites of families and friends that have accumulated dust and moss over the years. Judge lest ye be judged.

Quagmire is just disturbing.

Voulez-voulez-voulez-vous Quagmire.

One thought on “Damn the man.

  1. Sandi Salyer

    >As I have several pieces by this artist, I am desperately searching for unused wall space so that I can commission a large painting. Every guest to my home has fallen in love with her work. I will be using her talents for special occasion gifts. Sandi K. SalyerPalmetto, Fl


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