>I am in distress. I am flabbergasted. I am…dismayed.

Granted, since I do work in a restaurant, I have come to expect a certain level of ignorance in my co-workers; being the only one employed there with a college degree (art, hence the restaurant job, but still…), or even a high school diploma, I realize that some topics of conversation are well beyond their realm of knowledge.

But this was catastrophic.

Out of 5 co-workers this morning, ranging in ages from 19 to 45, not one of them had the slightest idea who Robert E. Lee was.

Not one.

I’m not expecting everyone to like him, nor agree with his cause, but acknowledgement of his existence would have sufficed.

Dear God.

My brain is having difficulty processing this.

Not one knew of “Stonewall” Jackson, Jefferson Davis (Thanks to the penny they had some vague idea who Abraham Lincoln was…) Ulysses S. Grant…nada.

As I said…distress.

I am finding myself developing a slight sense of elitism in my work environment. This is not a characteristic I wish to encourage. I do not find it to be a positive aspect of human nature. It is arrogant, presumptive, and unappealing.

I find it difficult to subdue.

I am going to Hades.

Voulez-voulez-vous Hades.

5 thoughts on “>problem.

  1. Magazine Man

    >Oh brother.Once when I was teaching a class–a college level writing class–I made some historical reference that no one got (something about Churchill and the Blitz, probably). I got into a tirade–kinda like this one–about the importance of history and one of my students informed me she had a hard time learning history because “I have a hard time believing it actually happened.” WTF?!?So…not one of your coworkers knew who the Dukes of Hazzard car was named after? That is sad.


  2. Shafa

    >Another bit of history, Lee was voted most likely to secede in his class at West Point.*rimshot*Now, if you can tell me who Jeb Stuart and Pickett were, then I’ll really be impressed. p.s. – You are awesome Jennifer, but please don’t swear on ye olde Dariush web site. Mom reads it. 🙂


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