>16 days 40 hours 28 minutes

>I got new work shoes today. Oh, tis a happy day.

My old shoes were a sad sight indeed. We had been through a lot together.

From 14-hour shifts on Mother’s day to 60-hour work-weeks, my shoes carried me through them all.

The conflict of needing to wear dressy-type black leather shoes as part of my uniform in a job that has me walking 12 miles a weekend is a fact that has sent me on a quest for the most comfortable and well-wearing work shoe ever.

I think I have found it.

Through word-of-mouth from others in the fine dining industry, I have discovered the loveliest shoe of them all.
This is the Dansko professional, and it “provides shock absorption and flexibility, withstands surfaces of extreme heat and cold, rocker-bottom sole propels the foot forward when walking, protects feet, legs, and back during long hours of standing or walking, and provides stability, reduces torque and pronation”.

This shoe makes NurseMates weep.

Tomorrow is my official test-drive. I shall return promptly with results.

If Koo is any indication, I will like them very much. He gives them his Stinky-Rope-Toy seal of approval. The reason Koo likes my work shoes has nothing to do with functionality or comfort. Koo likes my shoes because when I come home from work, there is usually some food-type residue on them. Which he is more than eager to remedy. Though with these new beauties, I’m going to be obsessive about anything getting on them. But if anything does, I can rest assured that Koo will help me out in that area. He’s got my back. Or, my feet. Whatever.

It is a sad day indeed when all I have to blog about is my damn shoes.


voulez-voulez-vous lame.

2 thoughts on “>16 days 40 hours 28 minutes

  1. WestsideKef

    >Ok, you know you could stop drawing attention to it with the countdown. It’s partly your fault I made the 30 post…Anyway, my cat always liked my work shoes, too. But that was because they stunk after I wore them all day. Not that YOUR shoes stink…just sayin'(BTW thanks again for the DM 😉 )


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