>projectile vomiting


When you know you have a session with your personal torturer (trainer) at 4 pm, make sure to consume more calories than what are contained in the two protein shakes you had for the day. The consequences are not pleasant.

Thanks to this new nutritional program my husband and I are on, you’re not hungry all to often. An I am not very good at force-feeding myself as he is. So I wasn’t hungry, it didn’t occur to me to eat.

Force-feeding would have been an Eden-esque alternative to the illness and dry-heaving that ensued for no less than two hours last night after my training session. I am sitting here in the throes of the after-effects glaring at my daily morning protein shake wishing it would just dissolve into oblivion and leave me alone.

Okay. I’ve learned my lesson. So, I am going to continue with my week-long pre-birthday vacation with my husband. You’ll notice I’ve discontinued the countdown. I began to see why y’all thought of it as annoying. Quite.

Ah. Bry has put a ‘date movie’ on for us. We’re gonna go watch the South Park movie. And i’m gonna finish this damn shake.

Long-live Terrence and Phillip Asses of Fire.

Voulez-voulez-vous projectile vomiting

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