over the river and through the woods…

I have re-discovered hiking. I used to be outside all the time, I got itchy sitting round the house on my days off. I would even go in the rain with my waterproof gear. But then I got my server job, and having such a physical job made me lazy in my free time, and my hiking excursions tapered off to about one every month or so. I forgot how much I loved it. Now that I’m doing my personal training program, I’ve found that on my two “solo workout” days a week, on which I am supposed to do cardio only, it is rather unenjoyable to plod along on a treadmill for an hour staring at a television screen with dozens of other plodders staring at television screens. Last week, it occured to me: DUH! I live much closer to trails than I do to the gym, the weather has been rain-free albeit chilly, so why the hell am I not outside?

For a while, before I discovered the Alpine Lakes area, Mount Si was my favorite trail. It is an 8-mile round-trip hike, with a 3,300-foot elevation gain. It’s a doozie. The view from the top is unbelievable; you can see Mount Ranier and Mount Baker, not to mention the entire Cascade Mountain Range, which right now, is covered with snow. I’m thinking of heading out there today; there is just a tiny amount of snow at the top, but not so much as to impede my efforts. There’s blue skies and it’s about 47 degrees out, which it great for hiking since it lowers the nasty-funk-sweaty factor. The entire hike takes about four hours, which should make my trainer happy. I’m kicking my own ass in my free time.

The last time I hiked Mount Si I got a little cocky. I made it to the top in my own personal record time. So, on the way down, feeling spunky, I pretty much ran down the entire 4 miles. Life was good. I kicked ass.

At work the next morning, life was not so good.

At some point mid-morning, my quadriceps decided to not work anymore. They just gave up. Serving tables with retired thigh muscles is not altogether that easy. But, I struggled through it. I almost made it through the morning until I turned the corner out of the kitchen with a tray of mimosas and in a big “f— you” gesture, my legs gave way. Right there in the hall. I was covered in orange juice and champagne. As I had done this to myself, I received little sympathy from my manager. What I did receive, however, were a round of guffaws from my co-workers. Bastards.

So, needless to say, from that point on, I left my ego at the top. I think it’s still hangin’ around up there someplace. I’ll have to look for it when I get up there this afternoon.

voulez-voulez-vous see ya.

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