>bored off my ass

>Ain’t a damn thing on TV, so I’m re-watching “Bad Santa” that I DVR-ed last night.

Hubby’s having a play-date with one of his buddies trying out the new XBox360. I wasn’t invited. Bastards. I’m stuck with GTA San Andreas over here, NOT in hi-def. They’ll rue the day.

Watched the Cavaliers/Nets game, followed by the Sonics whoopin up on the Jazz (which ain’t hard), and missing the Spurs/Celtics game because I live in friggin’ Seattle and for some reason they don’t think Spurs are all that important.

Poor Celtics. They’ve lost, like, 16 games in a row to the Spurs.

I only got to see the first quarter and a half of the Cavaliers game, since I was on the treadmill at the gym. Lebron was getting steamrolled by Vince for a while. Only scored 3 points in the first quarter, plus missing foul shots. Must be taking free throw lessons from Tim Duncan.

I will be the first to confess that Tim Duncan has probably the worst free-throw arm in the NBA.

Well, I have now proven that I am so bored I will use my blog to give NBA updates. Here ya go, poeples. Enjoy.

I’m out.

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