>The Yellow Whale is the Best Whale.

>Didn’t ya know?

At least Zoe thinks so.

Why is it so ruddy hot? Didn’t the meteorological forces that be get the memo that this is the Pacific Northwest and we weren’t meant to reach temperatures of 98 degrees, even if it is July? Perhaps they were busy with the new cover sheets on their TPS reports.

Being a transplanted Texan, the heat does not bother me as much as some. It is rather amusing watching these PacNW-ers mope around, lethargic and morose, bemoaning to all those who will listen about the oppressive heat. You should try going to college in San Antonio while it’s 102 outside and your black Jeep Cherokee with tinted windows has been sitting in the sun for 10-odd hours absorbing heat like a tin can. I had to buy a steering wheel cover to shield my hands from the possibility of second-degree burns. Then, perhaps, complaining is warranted.

Yet here I sit, whining about the fact that my hair won’t behave in this weather. What a bullshit hypocrite am I. Eh. My blog, my double standard.

Of course, I venture to say the reason so many PacNW-ers complain about the ruddy heat is in part due to the fact that most residences in Seattle do not come equipped with air conditioners. In Texas, the Port-a-Potties have a/c. Perhaps I should cut them some slack. The people, not the Port-a-Potties. Of course, being a Port-a-Potty has it’s downsides…I won’t go into that now, however. Though I would find it amusing.

Ah, Madison has come in to say hello. Madison is a cat who enjoys sleeping, chasing bugs and humping door frames. I won’t go into that now, however.

I now have things to do which have nothing to do with my blog. I am trying to catch up, I promise. But I won’t go into that now.

Voulez-voulez-vous procrastination is the key to getting nothing done.

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