>If I knew then what I know now I would definitely know more than I did tomorrow.

So, yes…the free.
The free is for everyone, please, help yourself to some of the free.

“The Free” is not actually what ‘it’ is. What It is, is ‘It That Shall Not Be Named’.

So sayeth the shepherd…
So sayeth the flock.

Well, not necessarilly. I’d love to be a shepherd, but then I’d have to worry about dealing with all of those damn I-9’s for all my wooly followers and I just don’t feel like messing with it.

“It That Shall Not Be Named” has been on my desk for a few hours now. Motivated by the many “uh…is that _____???”-s I received sitting at my desk I decided to take some pictures and conduct a survey.

“Is that calamari??”
“they look like potstickers…or some kind of mushroom…”
“Ew…it looks like a bacterial colony.”
“Uh huh. Now you’ve got little foreskins on your desk. Typical.”
“Puppy anus. Yup, it’s got to be puppy anus.”
“I’d have to guess pig noses. Or maybe lotus root…”


The dissected and mummified remains of the lysergically contaminated progeny of arthritic mugwump meatstraws?”



voulez-voulez-vous yes, we have none.

2 thoughts on “>free.

  1. Temple Stark

    >It is rare to encounter a photo that when viewed bigger is actually less clear – you’re talented that way ;-)My guess is there’s a canine trend going and these are doggy biscuits, spilled at your desk? They do also look like vertebrae from a “medicinal” skeleton – Temple, non dog-owner but co-Spurs fan I just noticed


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