>an artist’s studio…

…is never clean.

Oh, sure it starts out that way. I spent all of last weekend re-organizing, consolidating, arranging. It looked beautiful. Brilliant.

I couldn’t find a goddamn thing.

So I am spending this beautiful 4th of July Wednesday fighting with framing one of my pieces that I was brilliant enough to paint on PANEL, which you just can’t hang on the WALL without a FRAME, so that’s how I spent my morning. But if you observe, at the center of the above image, you will see i was ultimately successful.

You will also notice that to be successful, it involved busting out the following:

– yardstick
– pencil
– wood glue
– drill
– drill bits
– nails
– hammer
– disassembling a previous painting to use the lumber for the frame (hey, i’m broke…)
– wood filler
– palette knife
– ink and brush
– pliers
– sandpaper

Hence the disaster. But dammit, I know where everything is. Now i just have no space to work.

Now i have to clean all this crap up so i can finish priming this 5′ canvas that i need to work on.

Can’t wait until Saturday. The show will be installed, and i can breathe.

voulez-voulez-vous studio shut-in

2 thoughts on “>an artist’s studio…

  1. Temple Stark

    >Yes, but the lighting’s great !How / where is your show? I’m down in AZ and imagine your show is at a casino (kidding, of course). Unless it is, of course, and then … oooh … wouldn’t that be awkward?- Temple


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