>word of the day.


What on earth does lagniappe mean? Could it be any or all of these?

– a sluggard who lies around ’till noon
– Provencal for “suburbanite”
– she-wolf of Anapurna
– the flutter presaging a migraine
– an empathetic ear
– a car that demands heavy pampering
– a debutante who eschews heavy petting
– Quebecois pastry that’s hard on the inside, floppy on the outside
– a row of winking buttons
– the step before the threshold

A commercial ritual in Louisiana, a lagniappe is something extra added to a purchase: a surprise handful of flour on a heap of homeward-bound grits, or the gratuitous flaskette of cologne coming along with a depilatory in a pearly paper shopping bag.
The word is pronounced lan-yap, the Creole French spelling having been laid over a word of Spanish and American Indian derivation.

Jacaranda returned home from the pizzeria with a
lagniappe she could not countenance: a miniature
aquarium swimming with live anchovies and
sporting a simulated rock and bracken garden
for ambiance: sprigs of rosemary and oregano,
cloves of elephant garlic.

debutantes who eschews heavy petting.

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