>major fox pox

>eek…blogging twice in one day? Isn’t that likethe internet version of not wearing white shoes after Labor Day?

I say we spit in the face of tradition and wear white sequined shoes! ha HA!

I pride myself on not being…well, one of those bloggers (sorry, LiveJournal)… who write about going to the local coffee shop with their Tommy Hilfiger-clad younglings in their $600 jogging strollers ordering nonfat decaf lattes light on the foam oh and can i get that$5 lemon tart for my three-year-old spawn cuz he just ain’t wired to the gills enough yet besides if i don’t get it for him he will (gasp!) cry!!! .and everyone knows that children are NEVER supposed to endure ANYTHING unpleasant because how else are they supposed to grow up spoiled, needy, self-indulgent co-dependent fine upstanding citizens of society???

Uh…wow…i have no idea where that came from. I have been upset about many things today, but I am confident that was not one of them. And to be honest I’ve never really read anyone who blogs about that, so not only was it startlingly unexpected, it was also irrelevant. Huh. Bygones.

I’m not sure what I intended to write about but I can assure you it had nothing to do with lowfat ice cream. Chocolate. Nope. No ice cream here.

I think I’m going to work on my crossword puzzle while I’m not eating the nonexistent lowfat Haagen-Dazs chocolate ice cream that is most definitely not sitting on the floor next to me.
Shit. I just dribbled some of the nonexistent ice cream on my “esc”, “~”, “1” and “tab” keys.
And…my foot’s asleep. Maybe I should follow suit.

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