Okay, so even though I’m inversely adopting this philosophy, I thought I’d still share it since I thought it was pretty damn funny.

Though boredom kind of sucks ass, too.

I think I need to go hop on the bus for a few hours and expose myself to the oddities of humanity to give me some material to write about.

Be back in a bit.

(three hours later…)

Well, the only noteworthy thing that was happenin’ on the Metro Transit System today was a guy that was sitting up front so he could chat up the bus driver (this can, at times, be a
not-so-pleasant experience for the Metro employees.) He was discussing the personal life of a friend of his who insisted on reproducing even though she had neither financial nor emotional means to effectively care for said children. Apparently the “babies’ daddy(s)” were nowhere to be found and “she ain’t got a fuckin’ clue wit what she doin’…”. Love it when people have no reservations whatsoever about dropping f-bombs in public. Or disclosing the personal lives of their acquaintances to anyone and everyone. I did not introduce myself.

So as far as material goes, the trip was unsuccessful. Save for the pomegranates. I popped into Madison Market to see if they had any amazing deals on food for starving artists like yours truly and to my utter delight and surprise that had moderately happy-looking ones for $1.29. So, there was that.

I am picking myself up and out of my funk. Things could be much worse. I may be unemployed, broke, and heartbroken, but I have amazing friends and a wonderful home to live in with “landlords” I love dearly and their 2-year old daughter intensely so. Save for a few recent snags, I am truly fortunate.

Voulez-voulez-vous glass half full.

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