>A tribute to Cameron Frye.

>WARNING: This is a particularly whiny post. Continue at your own discretion.

Consistency can be a good thing.
Unless you live in Seattle in December.
The consistent rain and wind is making my eyes want to bleed. I think it’s because I lived in Snoqualmie for so long that this time of year was mostly wind and snow, which I find far more tolerable (see “Ode” below) than this sub-par weather downgrade forced upon me and I am actually beginning to consider it rude.

Especially since I would really, really, like to go to the zoo tomorrow.

Something tells me the residents of said zoo find these meteorological conditions as unpleasant as I and are hermit-ing themselves just as I am today.

Though my hermit-ing is not solely because of the wretchedness outside but accompanied by some stomach bug which woke me at about 2 a.m. that I was not prepared for…the side effects of which have left me tired and lethargic all day. Even Professor Pi is bored with me. I don’t really want to leave the house even with the luxury of being able to use E&K’s car while they’re in Houston (lucky them; tomorrow is supposed be a sunny 68 degrees) and the fuzzy water is rapidly running out. Some soup would be nice. And one of my three ruddy housemates being home. And an elevator or even a dumbwaiter to the first floor of the house would be welcome. Living on the 3rd floor does have its disadvantages at times, especially when your energy level is sapped due to electrolyte imbalances. I am a needy, needy girl.

I should have packed more Pellegrino. Er, provisions. I hope I survive the weekend…

Okay, enough of the melodrama. At least I have two seasons of “Lost” to entertain me while I’m catching up on some drawing and reading and some projects whose deadlines are coming up. Though as usual my random sketchbook doodles are far more appealing to me than aforementioned projects. But the projects pay better than the doodles so I should probably prioritize.

I remain torn between my desire for more Pellegrino
and my desire to under no circumstances leave the house.

vouulez-voulez-vous When Cameron was in Egypt’s land…
Let my…Cameron…go…

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