>Dammit. I just ‘sighed’. I think I owe somebody money for that.

Today was the most fulfilling I’ve had in a while.
Permit me to explain.

It didn’t rain on my way to work.
I got a compliment on my hat.
I got a lot accomplished at work and even got ahead in a few things.
Spent some time connecting with friends.
Made weekend plans.
Tried to eat a mango at my desk (not recommended…)
It didn’t rain on the way home.
Jammed to Hooverphonic on my walk.
Stopped at Madison Market since my favorite yogurt was on sale for $0.59/each, and I also got another mango and an avocado…
Came home, spent time with housemates, changed for class, strolled several blocks to get there…
Had an awesome yoga session with a new teacher I liked very much…
Walked home, said hello to passers-by.
Met the “lady with the pugs” and sat on the cold grass with the pugs and wiggled and cuddled with them before I went in the house. (they were wearing matching red plaid coats!)
Came home, had some turkey and avocado, made some tea, grabbed a Pelligrino, went upstairs, hung out on the floor with Professor Pi (my chinchilla) while he bounced and wiggled and tried to chew on my yoga pants. (this, too, is not recommended…)
Worked on a project for a friend, sipped tea, chatted with some other friends for a bit…

And now I plan on heating up my lavender-scented back/neck muscle beanbag-type wrap thing, crawling into bed, grabbing my tea, draping my lavender-scented back/neck muscle beanbag-type wrap thing around my deltoids, reading, and letting sleep take me whenever it deems appropriate.

voulez-voulez-vous sigh


2 thoughts on “>sigh…

  1. Temple

    >Reminds me of:Today was like one of those fly dreamsDidn’t even see a berry flashing those high beamsNo helicopter looking for a murderTwo in the morning got the fat burgerEven saw the lights of the Goodyear Blimp …I got to say, today a good dayand, mmmmm avocados AND mango in the same day? wow and mmm again


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