>On my walks home after work in the afternoons there is this certain point on the hill at 17th and Pine where I can see all the way to the hills of Issaquah and, now with the snow season upon us, the outline of Mount Si. The last two days, with the weather being so clear, I have come upon a beautiful thing which I am still kicking myself for not bringing my digital camera to photograph.

The sun is at it’s most splendorous point in it’s setting process after 4pm. So as I’m at the top of this hill, I can see all of the various homes/condos/apartments scattered upon the hilltops of the eastside. What makes it so noteworthy is that the sunset causes the light to reflect off of dozens and dozens of the windows of aforementioned residential structures, resulting in this yellowish/orange-sh shimmering glow that makes it look like little fires all over the hillside. It’s absolutely gorgeous and helps me (somewhat) to tolerate the cookie-cutter-condo infestation of my old stomping ground.
It’s supposed to be sunny again tomorrow; maybe I’ll remember my camera next time.

Oh, and if anyone has a lawyer-friend who knows anything about divorce/liability/assets issues, and doesn’t mind giving some free advice, please let me know. I feel like I am going to have “ex” issues forever. sigh.

voulez-voulez-vous trying to deal.

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