>Computer over. Virus = Very Yes

>Often, on my walks to and from work, I usually encounter an “oddity of the day”, which I often find somewhat blog-worthy. However, as I have been lackadaisical about my writing as of late (I’ve had shit going on, aiight? Don’t judge me…) the noteworthiness of aforementioned oddities dissolve into the far reaches of space where employment and financial stresses have no domain.
During my jaunt to work this morning, I was traversing the I-5 bridge. I usually get a small giggle out of this, as my favorite thing to do at this point is lean over the railing and look at all the wee little commuters stuck in traffic and cramming onto exit ramps with a smugness that can only come from someone who tries not to drive if she can help it. I find that walking and the bus keep me in far better spirits than sitting in a confined space for hours a day, dealing with Seattle traffic and beginning to hate the universe for allowing such idiocy to exist. (Not ME…Seattle traffic).
Okay, I have strayed from my intentional path here. Oddity, yes…that’s it. Bridge…got it.
As I am crossing the aforementioned bridge I look down and notice what appear to be wet footprints left by someone who obviously forgot to put their shoes on before leaving the house. I smiled and followed them down the sidewalk, as they faded into evaporated nothingness. Though the nothingness was short-lived, as the prints re-appeared immediately with renewed intensity and continued down Denny unabated. It occurred to me that this was not a recent act…and what I thought was water was indeed paint. As such, realizing this was more of an artistic statement and less a case of involuntary barefoot-edness, I was tickled for the second time this morning and, intrigued, I knew I was exactly the type of person such an exhibit was intended for. (Someone with a fondness for the odd and an obsessive personality).
Alas, I had to be at work shortly and could not pursue them farther than Westlake. I have now found myself plagued by this all morning and feel I will not rest easy until I know the terminus of said feet. Perhaps there the answer lies.
I am babysitting for my housemates around 7pm to I figure I have a good hour to further my investigation. I need closure, dammit.
I will post updates as they occur.

voulez-voulez-vous that is a good prize

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