>i am the master of my domain.

>Now I just need to figure out what the hell to do with it.

I need a copy of Dreamweaver. For my Mac. I know and love Dreamweaver. Please dear god someone help me.

Right now I have my site (www.jenniferlankenau.com…because I’m SUCH a freaking egomaniac…) redirected to…well, here. I am desperate for content.

I had content…lots and lots of beautiful content on my previous site, but it was unexpectedly removed without anyone telling me they were deleting it. Nothing sinister, I assure you. No one hacked me or anything. Just an inconvenient failure to communicate.


So now I have to take hi-res photos of all my work to throw into the bloody thing. Then I will need to upload and edit and design and arrange and this will no doubt consume many long hours of my day in which I’m sure my social life and perhaps my hygiene will suffer.

My html skills suck ass thanks to lack of use for over a year.

I’m sure there will be much display-targeted profanity involved.

voulez-voulez-vous lol, omg, wtf, g2g

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