>inter-office relations

>One of the perks of sharing a cubicle wall with me:

Or disadvantages, depending on your point of view.

Phil welcomes me every morning with a resounding guttural “jinniphurrlurnkenoooo!!!” as I arrive at my desk. And when I get an email. Or when he sends me an email. Or when it’s raining. Sometimes when I sneeze or shift in my chair. David has tried to duplicate this audible Phil-trademark with little success. Mostly because he foregoes the “jinniphurr” portion and goes straight for the “lurnkenoooo!!!” bit in a slightly higher pitch than Phil so it sounds completely not-like Phil. But we’ll still give him a trophy.
Phil also loves to sing about pirates stealing his booty.

David occupies the cubicle next to mine. David drinks coffee and loves spam. And sounds remarkably like Mr. Hanky when he receives aforementioned spam.
“Oh, what’s this? An email…ooh! What am I gonna do? Here ya go…”
And then forwards me the email. That I have already received myself as it is spam. Which I send back. Which causes the Mr. Hanky speech and I receive it yet again.
And then in the background one can hear “jinniphurrlurnkenoooo!!!” from the cubicle across the way since I just received an email.
David, because he has the cubicle next to mine, has the misfortune of sharing a wall with me. Which is where I perched my modified mannekin as seen above. The mannekin has yet to follow through with his threat but I told David to watch his six regardless.

I had to find new co-workers to torture since I don’t work with DaBoon anymore.

Now I just torture her via Gmail, although it’s not quite as effective.

I think DaBoon should get a trophy. Maybe even a pizza trophy

voulez-voulez-vous did ya get the memo?

One thought on “>inter-office relations

  1. Anonymous

    >This is david, please.. your doll of torture is scarying me. Images of him running around my apartment keep me up at night. Please put him back in the cage, or return him to the evil witch doctor from which it came!


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