monday blog fail.

Obit photos are now done. boon had soup for lunch. i had tom ka. david keeps sending me odd little pictographs over the cubicle wall that i don’t think even make any sense to him. i over-steeped my tea (again). poor elise found out that her mother passed suddenly and left to go join her family. i was actually rather busy until just now; photos this morning needed quite a bit of tlc. most of the house is coughing up their lungs so i am desperately trying to take care of myself so i do not join their ranks. kim (who i worked with at LRS during bev’s psychadelic shows) is going to have me work with him on a more regular basis so i can perhaps fill in for him if he has a catering gig, and serve tables when the studio hosts the twice monthly dinners they will be having before the shows. which will be nice little amounts of pocket cash. and i like hanging out with the troupe. it is way too quiet in here. i require far more animation than is what’s currently being provided. i need stimuli. meh. too bored to write and i have no topic. so sad.

voulez voulez vous blog fail.

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