Some things never change.

Perusing my old college’s Visual Arts and Technology page, I noticed they had their 2010 Student Juried Exhibition online. This is often one of my favorite pastimes, since I am able to witness how little the curriculum has changed since my attendance. This is due to the same instructors teaching the same classes semester after semester, apparently never tiring of seeing the same output of product. Nowhere is this more evident than the following.


This is a piece I did for my 1998 2-dimensional design class, called an “Isometric” problem.

Media: acrylic. 12″X12″. Instructor: Tom Willome.

1998 Juried Student Exhibition.








Twelve years later:

One Mr. Random Second-Year Student.

2010 Juried Student Exhibition, 2-Dimensional Design.

Isometric Problem.

Media: Digital Print. (Cheater). Dimensions: 10″X9″.

Instructor: Tom Willome.





I rest my case.

Though it probably took Mr. Random Second-Year Student a total of 45 minutes to complete his assignment wheras mine, more like nine hours. Craftsmanship, people. Process. These are principles which rule my world.

Voulez-voulez-vous maximum technical effort results in maximum visual output. Niff’s principle #1.

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