Mobile Blogging.

Well…finally found a decent blogging app for my pi-phone. Let’s see how badly autocorrect can manage to fuck it up. Actually, I think I’m going to institute a new policy that for any blogs written via mobile, if mis-autocorrected, must remain in their horribly altered state. Reader beware.
On my way back from the drugstore during lunch today, while strolling jovially through the rare Seattle sunshine, it struck me that I shouldn’t be required to work in such brilliant weather. Days such as today are so few and far between that we (can I just interject that I have an unusually *hot* bus driver? It’s weird…) should be permitted the fair-weather equivalent of a Snow Day. Just sayin’.
I may even bring you a shrubbery on a day such as today if you ask nicely.
Made a painful discovery today, which I’m not going to whine about on my blog because, well, it’s not Livejournal, but let’s just say I had a mini-epiphany as a result where I realized that changing who I am to make others more comfortable not only gives them control over me, but causes irreparable damage. And no human being, *no one*, is worth that. Which is really challenging when you spend most of your life trying to live up to other people’s expectations.
Why do people hang out in the shade when it’s sunny? Odd.
Ah, there’s another Mariner’s game today. They (fans, not baseball players) like to crowd the bus to Seattle on game day. Better a lot of people on one bus than a lot of people in a lot of cars, I say.
Ooh…awesome. Man in a top hat. At the transit station. I gotta say, men look mighty fine in top hats. And those news boy hats too. Hats are highly underrated. I’d wear hats more often but I have a fat head. Most women’s hats are too small for my huge noggin. And my Dumbo ears. I’m-a gonna go cry myself to sleep on my huge pillah.

Boulez-Boulez-voussoirs phone blogging…jury’s out on that one.

(I was looking forward to seeing how autocorrect butchered “voulez-voulez-vous”. Win.)

2 thoughts on “Mobile Blogging.

  1. Alyssa...

    >I had the same sort of epiphany during a ski trip this winter, though mine was more like: "I shouldn't say yes and go along with what other people want to do just so they can have a good time, because I will probably do a lousy job of pretending I'm not miserable, and then the other people will end up not enjoying themselves anyway."Brimmed hats look better on everyone. I wish more people wore them. Ask to see my hand-knitted giveaway pile. I might have something that would fit your noggin.


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