A taco can only pull at four (4) knots per hour.

Categories: old blogs I forgot to post.

Ok, so maybe he said ‘tugboat’. I heard ‘taco’. And it made me bust a gut laughing, so I’m staying with it.

The University Village shopping center is a terrifying prospect on a Sunday afternoon. But I needed a new keyboard. I suppose I could have gotten a non-Mac keyboard at Target or something, but after careful consideration, Target would have been just as crowded and the parking situation would have been far worse, and uh, hey. The Mac store is prettier. And more efficient. And so what if I wanted my keyboard to match my computer? I’m a Mac user. It’s my thing. Let it go.

I’m working on a canvas right now. No, really. Ok, so maybe I’ve only gotten to the stretching phase and the only one who’s worked on it is Doppler, which involves licking the lower-right quadrant for some reason beyond my understanding. He seems quite intense about the whole thing, and since it doesn’t seem to be eroding the 7 oz medium-texture cotton duck canvas or anything, I see no reason to squelch his enthusiasm.

I thought I had the motivation to write but it seems as if I was mistaken. I need to get going on this canvas if I am going to avoid feeling like today is a Sunday-fail. And I need a shower. No, really.

Today was definitely a hat day.

I dig the new keyboard. To ensure its longevity I feel I should avoid the miso soup, water, charcoal, even pomegranates just to be safe. I even brought about the demise of a keyboard by overturning a pint of white latex primer on it.

At least the color matched.

Voulez-voulez-vous buy it, use it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it, mail – upgrade it…

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