>Immoblie Sturgeon Conundrum.

>Well damn it all.

So, we get the old bed frame disassembled. Current bed and new bed are both kings so the transition from one to the other was to be no problem.

Save for this: There is, ladies and gentlemen, a difference between king and California King.

We realized this after the new frame was assembled. Naturally. This, for lack of a better term, sucks ass.

So now we’re just going to give up and buy a new mattress since we’ve had the current one for 9 years, and it’s a bit tired.

Damn the bed, damn the mattress, and damn California. I’ve actually never been to California. I’d rather go to New England anyway. Or Old England for that matter. Austria. Hagia Sofia. Taj Majal. Notre Dame, Reims, Chartres, Ste. Chappelle. World’s largest Ball of Twine. I’ve got lot’s of stuff to do.

Voulez-voulez-vous California.

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