>The points don’t matter.

>I have limited myself to a 2-line vocabulary in an attempt to annoy the hell out of my husband. The two lines being:

“Kiss my ass!”

We have a new bed. Well, frame, anyway. It’s in pieces in my husband’s office because I haven’t had the motivation to make the necessary preparations to the bedroom to make the transition possible. We have a California-king-size bed, which means it is one big-ass square. Our current foot & headboard are solid cherry. Heavy as hell. The new head & footboard is iron and brass. Very “Basic-Instinct-tie-someone-to-the-bed”. So you can kind of understand my reluctance to assist in the procedure, being crippled and all. (Sinister Laugh)

So when my husband suggested “We could do the bed today”, I replied,


Perturbed, he responded, “fine! I’ll just move it into your studio!”

“kiss my ass!!”

My two-line vocabulary doesn’t seem very effective. I think it will be the catalyst for marital problems. We’ll need to seek counseling.

“Now, Jennifer, Bryan tells me you two aren’t communicating…”


“So why don’t we try an exercise I developed –“

“Kiss my ass!!”

Hmm. Maybe I should just integrate fully-composed sentences into my conversational skills. For the mental and spiritual well-being of all. I don’t want it to affect my children. Okay, dogs.

So, I shall wrap this up in order to get lunch out of the way so I can help with the bed and save my marriage. Then we can have sex on it.

Voulez-voulez-vous sex.

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