>Himpy jousting canine flapjack.

>Ahhhh. Got back to work today. Missed it. Alot. Was nice to be missed. Nice to be told I was needed. Ugh. I like validation way too much. Makes me all warm and fuzzy to be earning a paycheck again.

Did you know that the mantis shrimp has the most advanced/evolved eyes on earth?

They do.

Duke’s licking my toes. He has a foot fetish.

I am going to go do…something. Read a book, paint, study glagolitic, contemlate the trillions of quantum dots, Fingerprints, Nanolithography with diblock copolymers, Annealing and alignment of striped and hexatic phases that plague my daily existence.

Voulez-voulez-vous existence.

One thought on “>Himpy jousting canine flapjack.

  1. Naiah

    >Validation: it si the most dangerous and destructive of drugs. I am not kidding. If you let it feel too good, then your own approval will lose its lustre. I get lost in it now and then, but I’ve had a realization or two that I think finally have me immunized. (maybe I need to blog about this…)


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