>Peligro! Piso Mojado.

>Slurping on a cosmic dart
Twirling on a pear…
Thinking twill be yet a knave
Larkspur’s not quite there.

Armadillo winking orange;
What be this odd-tee?
Powder’d turtle sliding fuzz
Noisy crumb-tee-pee

Dainty not quite upsy-doo
Inky sun-shades wince
Keyhole shows a porpoise fair
I’ve not been there since.

Largely lace-tinged mustard books
Quickly stemming forth.
But what can a horsefly swim
Be he headed north?

Alas, tis this which startled thee
Pine-app-les shake hands.
Exploding jelly-gourds abound
Violet rubber bands.

Voulez-voulez-vous what the fuck?

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