>Jus’ gonna jot something down here real quick before “The Office” comes on. After that, I need to go to bed since tomorrow’s my Monday. Nice.

Ah, the Koo has come to say hello. Hi, Koo. The Koo has brought me his raggedy chew-duck-toy. He wishes to play. I do not. I am merely awaiting 9:30. Shoo, Koo…Shoo.

Being that yesterday and today were my days off and I went nowhere, nothing exceptional happened. I just took turns zoning out either in front of my painting or the XBox. I was playing the Legend of Zelda today. There is also a rather impressive Sega-version of Jeopardy on there too. Only problem is you can’t pick what player you want, so every time you play, you’re stuck as this guy who looks like the type of guy who’s never been nor never gonna get laid. It sucks. It’s hard to concentrate with this pathetic little fellow peering at me through his bottle-bottom glasses from behind his podium. I don’t want him peering at me. Unfortunately, my requests to Mr. Trebek have gone unheard. ‘Tis a heartless world, it is.

Ah. 9:21. I’m gonna go coozie up on the sofa with the doggies and watch some TV.


Voulez-voulez-vous g’nite.

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