>this is it.

The dogs are not mine. They are, in a manner of speaking, my siblings. Arrow, Valentino, Jilly, Saint, Emmy and Andy. My parents kicked me out to make room for the dogs. My brother still lives with them, but his status as a human has not yet been confirmed. We’re still waiting for the DNA test results.

Disclaimer: my parents did not, in fact, kick me out. This statement is intended to assure me of placement in their will.

My greyhound, Gee, has recently been afflicted with bouts of diarrhea. It does not make me happy. It makes me clean up a great deal of shit, which also does not make me happy. I am just all kinds of unhappy at the moment.

So why is it that I feel guilty when I don’t write in here? Hellifiknow. You do need to stop putting this much pressure on me. You’re helping no one.

I had a couple good blog ideas but that was yesterday.

Leemee hone.

Vote for Pedro.

Voulez-voulez-vous Pedro

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