>zelda can save her own damn self.

>So, thanks be to the damn emulator my husband brought home. Saturday became the Legend of Zelda day. I think I’d played this game maybe once or twice in my lifetime. From what I understand, the premise goes something like this: this chick named Zelda gets herself kidnapped, (stupid-ass), thereby requiring me to risk life and limb to free her from the evil clutches of some wizard-dude named Arghhraghhh, or something like that. So, I’m trottin’ around, can’t find a sword, nor anything else useful, I’m caught in the damn rain, and everyone I talk to is a bunch of rude sonsobeeyatches who tell me to go away. So, as far as I am concerned, ole Zelda can go fuck herself. I’m just going to have fun throwing shrubberies around and collecting random treasures I find underneath. I mean, come on…I’d be willing to sacrifice an arm or leg if the reward was a nice piece of ass. But with my luck, I’d get there, Stockholm syndrome in effect, and she and ole Arrgghhhggrr would have hooked up and he thusly places a curse on my ass. So I opted for the psycho-gardener scenario until it got close to Alien vs. Predator time, at which point I would use my blog as a vehicle for my frustration then promptly bail. Which I have done.

Voulez-voulez-vous bail.

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