>I am getting really bad at keeping up with this.

Prolly cuz I’ve got a lot of sh*t going on in my life and in my head with the new season of ‘Lost” starting, I am booked solid.

My husband and I had back-to-back doctor’s appointments, so to save time, we just thought we’d go tandem. Our doc was a bit busy today, so she appreciated it a great deal, only we had to wait a good while for our turn. So as we waited for 20 minutes in the examination room (he was there to get a clearance form signed by our doc for his new fitness program, I was on a biopsy follow-up), we started droning out the line from ‘Forget Paris’: “you asked for it…you got it…Toyoooota…”. in very gritty and nasally sounding voices. I was tempted to get Bryan up on the table and into the stirrups (our doc has an awesome sense of humor), but he opted not. I found the cool new thermometer-thing that they drag along your forehead to take your temp, but mine was only 74 degrees Fahrenheit, so I theorized I must be dead. I had obviously forgotten to stop moving about.

I inflated several latex gloves and re-arranged the magazine selection. We had fun volley-ing the glove-balloons about for a while. I was trying to find a speculum to pinch Bry’s nose with, but was unsuccessful. I drew some jack-o-lantern on the paper sheet they lay atop the exam table. Doc appreciated the festive gesture.

You don’t want to leave me in an examination room too long. I find ways to amuse myself.

So, we came home and fed the dogs, took them out just in time for it to start raining. And now we sit, me here, dogs on the couch, Bry on the sofa, all three of them watching “Superman”. They seem to be having a good time.

I’m going to go take a bath before ‘Lost’ comes on. I’m such a TV junkie.

Voulez-voulez-vous junkie.

4 thoughts on “>shaddap.

  1. WestsideKef

    >Hey, don’t worry about how often you write here, we just appreciate when you do. Was it MM or Naiah that said you gotta live life to blog it.ps. I’m glad you liked (read) my jokes 🙂


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