>if i sing a song will you sing along…

> Ba da ba ba, ba da ba ba…Ba da ba ba, ba da ba ba…Ba da ba ba, ba da dee da dee da…

I had the world’s shortest work day today (6am – 9am) which afforded me the opportunity to carve my pumpkin. I’m not so sure the pumpkin had all that good of a time, but I know Duke did. It appears he is quite fond of pumpkin seeds. I named the former pumpkin KooFodder. I just need to keep reminding Koo that it is indeed no longer fodder, it is festive autumn decor. He is having problems with that idea. We’re working on it.

I was also able to unload the dishwasher. Not quite as much fun as the pumpkin carving.

I also picked at my ‘pain in the ass’ painting.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I’ve been working on this damn thing one dollop of paint at a time for 11 months. I just keep looking at it as this insurmountable task that looms over me while I’m at my desk. Will I ever finish it? Dunno. I got a dollop done today though. Graphite gray dollop. Graphite gray kicks ass. My doodle painting is coming along also; been picking at that while I watch TV in the evenings.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The doodle is one single line. I kid you not. It is a tricky doodle. When it’s completed the entire background will be black. It’s also a tedious doodle. Although there is no graphite gray in the doodle painting. Mars black and titanium white are in the doodle painting. That’s it. It’s only 24′ x 24′, so much less picking time involved. The cathedral painting is 32″ x 70″, so quite a lot more picking is involved. Doodle painting would look like a bad acid trip on a canvas 32″ x 70″. I would also probably look like a bad acid trip after painting a doodle painting on a 32″ x 70″ canvas. No grand-scale doodle paintings for me. Well, maybe not yet. I just like saying ‘doodle’. Doodle doodle doodle doodle. Doodle.

I’m thinking if there are any other pictures I can bust out in this thing. This is a very photo-intensive blog. Fun to load up. Who still has dial-up, anyway? Egads.

Voulez-voulez-vous doodle.


6 thoughts on “>if i sing a song will you sing along…

  1. Merujo

    >Diggin’ that pumpkin. And diggin’ the paintings, too.Are you a Halloweenie baby? Caught your comment on Naiah’s blog. I’m a day after Halloween baby. (A Dia de los Muertos baby?) No one ever wanted birthday cake the day after Halloween. C’est la vie, eh?


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