>Because I’m such a friggin’ egomaniac…

I am going to write an ode. To me.

Here goes.

Almost 30 years ago,
(in about 13 more days),
A child was born with big-ass feet
in a Washington military base.

Her father was an army man,
Clad in camouflage,
Her mother cared for house and home
All through this montage.

She was the first child of just two,
The first grandchild to boot.
So spoiled was she by her grandmother
Her mother it did not suit.

Her kidnergarten year went by,
With nary an incident.
Till a little brother came to be
Her life now had a dent

For he was an annoying thing
Always making a mess.
Till one day she had had enough
Clad him in her Easter dress.

The childhood years went swiftly by,
Junior high as well.
Then 1990 marked the year
Of high school freshman hell.

Her life took a pathetic turn
Her priorities lost formation.
Her social life was more important
Than her education.

She fell in love, or so she thought,
When she was just 16.
Her high school sweetheart was a boy who
With envy was quite green.

He was quite the possessive sort,
With an eagle eye.
If she so much as talked to a boy,
He would yell and make her cry.

Her senior year, her parents did
(I now know, the right thing…)
Her father took a job in Hawaii
His daughter he would bring.

She was distressed, she was distraught,
“Oh how can they do this to me??
My life is gone, my love, my friends…
No prom, no homecoming??”

Her life went on, good times and bad
Till one day, it would be
She was to meet a dashing young man
Her high school sweetheart, a memory.

‘Twas love at first sight, she cried and she sang
His love for me, too shows…
So much that, amazingly, two months later
He got on one knee to propose.

“Oh yes!” she cried, young and naive
Not thinking what lie ahead.
Her parents were stunned, yet understood
this young man their daughter would wed.

Things got a bit hairy, family and all
Her parents lost some of their hope.
She got a bit nutty, emotional and rash
So she and the young man eloped.

They were rather poor for quite some time
Moved out to Texas that year…
Lived with his mother so that they could
Attend college and find a career.

The years they galloped swiftly by,
First one, two, three then four…
Then at the end, when all was done,
Opportunity knocked on the door.

A job for her husband, his BA degree
With a big 5 accounting firm.
They would need to move, puppy and all
To Seattle, they were happy to learn.

Four years later, and yes, here we are
9 1/2 years after “I do”
Successful and settled with dogs and a home
Our marriage, ever stronger and true.

So yes, this is me, my life in a page
Thank you for struggling through.
Damn long-ass blog entry, if you ask me…



I cant think of a clever last line that fucking rhymes!!

Aw, to hell with it.

voulez-voulez-vous egomaniac.

3 thoughts on “>Because I’m such a friggin’ egomaniac…

  1. meandbobbymcgee

    >hi this is shannon I got a poem for you: there once was a man from Nantucket whose dick was so long he could… hmmm… totally forgot the last line…god I hate it when I do that….. oh yah! suck it! LOL just kiddin’


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