himpy canine jousting flapjack II

Lumpy marmots swimming by…
Turtle parsnips weep;
Blankly flitting burlap swags
Spitting violet sheep.

Flimsy dimpled flying kelp
Harbinger of Whee
Quick-draw plumber smacks a flue
Yelps a symphony.

Partridge clammers busy flee
Justly hanging newts
Murky gargle chutney fleas,
Velour jogging suits.

Lolling knuckle cabbage bomb
Whisking butter gobs
Nubby tinkle fishhead bumps
Shampoo gorged ear-bobs.

Chasing ricochet teepee
Looping daftly moon
Wherefore art thou chicken dart?
This poem ends too soon.

Voulez-voulez-vous wtf?

5 thoughts on “himpy canine jousting flapjack II

  1. Shafa

    >The same guy left me a similar message! Which means that this person is so envious of our awesomeness that they must pollute our blogs.I dealt with mine in Strong Badian fashion: DELETED!


  2. Brooke

    >WOO!! I love the poetry. All the money I’ve wasted on this almost English degree of mine, and I have no poetry or writing skilz to show for it; thank GOD someone can do it!! You write that goodness, Girl!!


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