>Goddamn Safari. I was a quarter done with a slightly non-pathetic blog and it just decided to take a coffee break and bailed on me. Apparently it thought my blog was indeed pathetic, and was trying to save me the embarrassment. It can, in my opinion, go suck a mothball. I could give a shit what a poopin-out internet browser thinks of me. Or my blog.

What I was talking about at the time was how I was ten kinds of rockin’ out at the fact that today I learned that I will now officially be in attendance at the Seahawks/Redskins playoff game this Saturday. Thanks to my husband’s co-season-ticket-holder being away on assignment in Ireland I got his ticket by default. So since one of my kick-ass coworkers said she’d cover my shift this Saturday for me, I will thus be able to take my place amongst the most brash, drunken, old-school Seahawks fans at Qwest field. My husband has been at every home game all season, and has been witness to more drunken brawls than anywhere else in the stadium. I will, without a doubt, have a kick-ass time. Or maybe get my ass kicked. Heh. We’ll see…depends if someone tries to come between me and the pomegranate I plan on taking. But I don’t foresee beer-guzzling rabid sports fans getting all twitchy over a pomegranate.

Football is “the shit”. Granted, it is not quite “the shit” as basketball is considered “the shit”, but football is a smaller subset of the community pool of “the shit” from which different levels of coolness are measured and bestowed. However, there is an entire conglomerate of “the shit” of which basketball, and the Spurs in particular, are majority shareholders. But for now, football has its fair share of “the shit”, especially if the Seahawks hand the Redskins innards to them in a cappucino cup.

And oh hella-hollah HOOK ‘EM HORNS!!!! My husband and I were screamin’ so loud we pissed the neighbors off. USC can shove that up their Trojan boo-tays – beat ’em in their own backyard, even. How embarrassing. But hey, Vince young is “da man”. UT is “the shit”. But college sports pull from a separate “the shit” pool than pro sports, and as I don’t keep up with college basketball, UT has a monopoly on “the shit”. Damn I miss Texas.

And then my Spurs’ 5-game winning streak was trampled by those bastards Shawn Marion and Steve Nash. Damn the Suns. Steve Nash seems like the most unlikely basketball player. He looks like an auto mechanic. I wish he had been an auto mechanic. Then my Spurs would have won last night. Bollocks.

So, here you have the official Jen-blog sports report. If you want more details, go watch ESPN. I’m-a jus’ talkin’.

See. I go talkin’ ’bout Texas I start talkin’ like Texas.

Y’all come back now, y’hear?

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  1. WestsideKef

    >That Texas – USC game was amazing! My Hawks lost their bowl game. (My Step-Mum’s from Iowa.)I feel I should apologize for Nash as he is Canadian. But you’re right, he should probably be playing bass in some hair band.Finally, I am so jealous you’re gonna be at the game! I’ll look for you on TV!


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