>(ahem)…maybe someone should give Noah a buzz…

>I seriously think we are literally floating away.

The Seattle area is now on it’s 24th consecutive day of rain.

The national news came on this morning while I was getting ready for work and searching for my galoshes, and when rain in Seattle is in the opening lineup, that’s some serious damn precipitation. They had to close some roads here in town because they were full-on bodyboarding in the river. But it’s all good. Bring it. Drop this mess on us all day today, tomorrow…hell, even Friday’s cool with me.

But not Saturday.
Absolutely not.

Granted sports and rain in Seattle are common bedfellows, but usually only in college football. Why only college ball? Because up until about 2000 the Hawks played in the – granted, I give you old and decrepit – Kingdome, which was…well, a dome, i.e., covered. In Seattle, this is a brilliant idea. They kept this philosophy when constructing Safeco field, better known as home to the Seattle Mariners. Open field, yes. But with a retractable roof. Another exercise in brilliance, I felt. (Here I must make note of the amusement that was provided by the relative ease of finding a photo of the Seahawks playing in the rain. Took all of 5 seconds. That’s some funny shit.)

But then.
In 2002.

They opened Qwest field.
It is a beautiful stadium. I will give you that. But why, oh why, would you build an open-air stadium for a sport whose season takes place in the rainiest months of the Seattle calendar? Baseball, sweet. Summer sport. Rainfall…not so much. But the fall and winter…bust out your umbrellas, boys and girls.
Okay, so granted, last year was a bit dry, but that was atypical. We were on the verge of water rationing last summer, yes. But I gotta tell ya…this year is more than making up for it.

I suppose I’m just bitter that my first playoff game is going to be viewed from under a ballcap and a poncho. My feet will be soaked, my refreshments water-laden. Perhaps I’ll bring some Kool-Aid and some of those freeze-dried MRE’s to enjoy during the game. Gelatinous fruit cocktail and Seahawks football are pretty much one and the same. What a tit-baby I am. Poor me. I’m going to a playoff game and I’m bitching. What the hell am I bitching about? Some people you just can’t make happy.

I did, however, recently learn that our tickets would fetch about $750 on eBay. Heh. Season tickets, bitches. And I ain’t sellin’. I gotta get some use out of this damn poncho. It’s not as if it has any stylistic purpose outside of sporting events. I was totally gonna Seahawk-out on my ensemble, but with this lame-ass poncho it’s not like anyone’s gonna see it. But don’t think I won’t jump on it if I get to the game and they have Seahawks ponchos. Given the stadium/Seattle situation, they should be required to vend them. They should have had a meeting with the designers and engineers. “Dude, okay. We’ll fulfill your whole ‘open air’ vision with the stadium, but only if we supply the spectators with official NFL Seattle Seahawks ponchos. We’re not bending on this”.
I shall find out Saturday if I need to write a strongly-worded letter to Paul Allen.
I’d even consider loading up Office on my mac in exchange.

But only consider. I didn’t say promise.

3 thoughts on “>(ahem)…maybe someone should give Noah a buzz…

  1. Anonymous

    >That rainy football photo was from a game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. The Chiefs won that game. I was at a sports bar in Tacoma rooting for the Chiefs, definitely in the minority.


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