>Nurses are sadists.
Permit me to explain.

Whenever I’ve had blood drawn, the nurse performing the procedure inevitably applies the “cottonball/band-aid” combo post-blood-letting, which, at the time, seems harmless.

It’s when I’ve gotten home and attempted to remove said “cottonball/band-aid combo” that the question arises:


I swear they have a deal with the adhesive bandage industry to produce uber-sticky band-aids for blood withdrawals. Sick bastards. The removal of the bandage causes much more discomfort than the procedure itself. Even when they do miss the vein.

I’m tempted to just leave it there to fall off on it’s own accord. Who am I to interfere with the life-span of the average doctor’s office elastic bandage?
I have decided to let it be. Why not? It seems harmless for now. It seems happy. Perhaps later we can watch the “Blues Brothers” movie together. I am hoping that if I work on our relationship it will help to facilitate the ease of its removal. The breakup will be difficult, admittedly – but I feel that it is best for all concerned.

We certainly hope you all enjoy the show. And remember, people, that no matter who you are and what you do to live, thrive and survive, there’re still some things that makes us all the same. You. Me. Them. Everybody. Everybody.

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