>left lane ends. merge right.

>I find something very interesting.

I use Blogger.com. Did y’all know that? I know, hard to tell.


I find something about Blogger quite…peculiar.

Every time I blog I do a spell-check. Not because I am a bad speller, but because I am a bad typist. And because my space bar does not perform with 100% consistency.

What I find peculiar is this:

In the massive cadre of words included in the Blogger.com spell-checker, there is one noun that for some incomprehensible reason, was not deemed necessary enough to program into their site.

You ready? I don’t think so. You can’t possibly be ready for this.

Here goes.

The word incomprehensibly withheld from the Blogger.com word bank is:


voulez-voulez-vous incredulity.

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