>it is risen.

>As a tribute to Easter weekend I have decided to take part in my own personal resurrection.

Note: I have not recently delved into the fine art of Necromancy. But I’ll save that possibility for another blog…

No, the resurrection of which I speak is my studio in the downstairs garage. Thanks to winter being so ruddy cold and unpleasant my studio was neglected; I just moved a few of my more important paintings upstairs which made my husband not at all pleased as I kept placing them in rather inconvenient locations throughout the living room. I just closed the door and let my beloved studio sit there for several months as there is no heating and, because of our violent windstorms we suffer here on a frequent basis, the frigid cold air would work its way in, not providing an ideal working environment.

So in a frenzy of boredom and malcontent at having to keep my works-in-progress upstairs, I decided it was time once again to reopen the doors to my studio and get back to work. Unfortunately, I encountered some obstacles.
Despite my own weak efforts, my studio had become an unwilling impromptu storage facility. Christmas decor had taken it’s toll, the old steam cleaner had worked its way in. Folding chairs, bags of old clothes, dog kennels…all of which, unless you are working on a rather odd still-life, are not exactly what you’d call official studio equipment.

Once the extraneous odds and ends were returned to their rightful places, I came across some pieces I had started and completely forgotten about. Which is agreeable, as I do require several active projects going at once. I do this so I can jump from one to the other rather than stagnating on one particular piece for weeks on end and suddenly finding myself resenting it. It’s my thing. Let it go.

Another bonus involved a box of stretcher bars I had ordered some time ago but had never unpacked. Also a bonus. I just have to make sure I have enough canvas on which to stretch it. Then it has to be primed, a subject matter must be decided upon, then I will have yet another active piece to add to my already impressive arsenal of unfinished canvases. I should have them all finished sometime next decade.

So this is where I have parked myself.

I should try and sell some paintings to pay off my ruddy cell phone bill.

voulez-voulez-vous I do not have unlimited minutes.

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