>the forecast today.


I am in a fog. A depressing creative fog which has impaired my ability to conjure up any wit or cleverness and hence impaired my ability to blog. A blog-fog. Yep. That’s it.

So this is all I’ve got:

I’ve recently decided to alter my typical conversational response from “uh-huh” and “yeah” to indeed. It throws people off a bit. Intimidating, in a way. Most people aren’t prepared for it. We’ve become indeed-desensitized. Intolerant, even. Obsrerve:

– “So, my man callz and say, ‘I want tostadas for dinner’ and I’m like, ‘foo’, get ya own damn tostadas’ and he’s all, ‘bitch…you do-za what’s I say, and I-za wantin’ some tostadas!'”

To which I reply,

– “indeed.”

I am thus presented with:

– “Indeed? What da hellz that, indeed? What, choo tink youz all bettah than e’erybody else? Bitch, ya don’t know shit. Indeed. To hell witchoo and yo’ fancy talkin'”

(Note: the above conversation is indeed fictitious as I could not tolerate conversing with nor being associated with people who actually spoke in that manner. I would have to thump their skull with the Blue Book of English Grammar.)

I think I shall attempt to resurrect other words in the English language that seem to have gone the wayside. I’m sure we can re-integrate them successfully into modern conversational vocabulary. It will take some work, I’m not denying that. But if we band together, things will happen.

Such as:

Feckless: lacking purpose or vitality; feeble, ineffective; careless, irresponsible; from Scottish “feck”, for efficacy, short for effect+less.

(I particulary like this one…)
Chasmophile: a lover and seeker-out of nooks and crannies.

Isn’t that brilliant? It just rolls off the tongue…“chasmophile”

I’ve got some more alluring yet curious words for you, but since I am a victim of the blog-fog, I shall save them for a later date to preserve blogging material.

Voulez-voulez-vous chasmophile.

Postscript: if anyone has some fascinatingly odd words to contribute, please feel free to leave them in my comments section. I assure you I will accept full credit for them and give no mention of you.

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