>Did you know…

>That if you run out of cell phone minutes and, as unaware of this fact you may be, keep chatting away for days…weeks…it adds up. And if it adds up enough, they will take your cell phone away.

Happen’d to me.

I now owe Cingular about $500.00. Isn’t that just obscene? Who the hell have I been calling, anyway?

In light of recent events I have thus resurrected my home phone. ‘Twas a bit dusty. It is functional, yes. But I do not have the same emotional attachment that I have with my cell phone. I left it at home this morning and felt virtually naked without it.

If any of you are the ones I phoned, I hope you appreciate the words we shared. They were expensive.

It was probably a bunch of mundane, arbitrary drivel of no real importance.

Story of my life.

Needless to say, without my phone, I am distraught.

The cherry on this blissful cake of joy is that my husband is out of town for three weeks. I am the epitome of self-pity.

Poor poor me.

Please leave me comments of sympathy and well-wishing. Thanks to my not giving anyone my home number, I am officially cut off from the world. I need some reassurance that it is still out there. And that the Spurs are still kicking ass.

Voulez-voulez-vous poor me.

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