>blog v. 2.0

>So, this is yet another pathetic attempt of mine to resurrect my blog. I think two posts in a row is a good start, is it not? I’m on a roll, people!

One thing that caught my attention this afternoon in the context of blogism was when a friend of mine popped up on Google chat.

On a sidenote, I must say that Google chat is one of technology’s finest creations. Since I do not have admin privileges on my computer at work, I am restricted from installing any major chat programs upon it (MSN, Yahoo, etc.). But thanks be to the powers at Google who felt the pain of cubicle denizens nationwide and gave us a venue for which to communicate our collective boredom and discontent. I give you: web based chat. Brilliant. (Yes, I am aware that Google itself did not invent such a thing. But as it is the first of its kind that I have encountered, I thusly give them credit for it. So sue me.)

So, anyway, she mentioned that since I was ill that Pho (?) was the perfect thing to soothe my cold-laden self. I know not what Pho is, though she explained it, I de-prioritized it and have thusly forgotten what she said. What I do remember, however, is something she said immediately following the “Pho” discussion:

me: I was home yesterday too
I feel so laaaazy
Kristen: man, that is teh suck
watch any good movies?
me: teh??? You know teh????
you rock
Kristen: blame Matt. He’s the cool one. I just copy his awesome geekitude.

Okay, now, I know that the types to hang out in the blogsphere will be nonplussed by this information. However, I am used to using the “teh hawesome” phrase so often (I’m such a pathetic follower, aren’t I?) and having it completely not-register on the faces of my friends. I was thoroughly convinced no one had any clue to what I was referencing.

Until today. In the most unlikely of places.

It was ruddy brilliant.

voulez-voulez-vous teh brilliant.

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