>doomsday clock friday

>Such is the theme this Friday.

The Doomsday Clock.

The doomsday clock is an imaginary clock created by the board of directors of the magazine Bulletin of the Atomic Scientiststo illustrate the threat of total destruction posed by nuclear weapons. On the clock, midnight is “doomsday,” the time of global destruction. When the clock first appeared on the cover of the magazine in 1947, scientists set it at seven minutes before midnight. In the decades since then the clock has been adjusted to reflect changes in global stability.

Prompted by the fact that said Doomsday Clock has in fact dropped a couple of minutes and thereby snatched yet more time away from our immensely profound yet relatively comical lives, I made it this Friday’s official theme. ‘Doomsday Friday’ seems to have a rather sinister undertone to it, no? Oh, what to do?

Run amok, you bastards! Run amok! Shennanigans and tomfoolery abound!!

My goal before the end of life as we know it in 2012 is to finish my rubberband ball. This is what I need to do to make me feel as if I have contributed to humanity. I’m not sure just yet at what stage I would consider it completed, ie, circumference, etc., but when it happens, I will just know. We shall jetascend a time capsule into the vastness of space which will contain, alongside such hits as the Virgin Mary French Toast and the World’s Largest Kidney Stone, the summation of my life that is The Rubberband Ball. It’ll be beautiful, I tell ya. The likes of which this doomed planet has never seen.

The contemplation of my own life’s work led me to ponder what others would consider meaningful and contributive as their final salute to humanity.

So, I have sent the question out into the void that is my email address book. Observe:

Dear Friends, Family, and Random Naked Mole Rats:

Here’s the thing.

Being that today is Doomsday Clock Friday and all, I am naturally inclined to make my friday blog about the aforementioned topic. In order to enhance my contribution to the blogsphere, I hereby pose this question to you as a sort of survey to see what people would like to accomplish before 5 minutes to midnight on December 22, 2012. Any replies will be graciously accepted and considered, and there is no wrong answer. Unless it involves midgets and donkeys, and in that case you can keep it to yourself, you sick freak.


I am awaiting responses.

Thus Far:

Dawn: I hope to find the right guy to chain to my bedroom wall.

Carrie’s Sister: get a lion from the zoo. Put a remote control bomb up its butt. When the lion starts tearing you up, press the bomb button.
You and the lion die like as one.

Carrie: To be able to pat my head, rub my belly, and chew bubble gum all at the same time.

Peter, aka Rexorg, Destroyer of Worlds: I want to beat WoW, while landing on Mars. The second part isn’t strictly necessary.

Matt: I want to be finished having to use CSS and scripting hacks for IE 6.

Dan: I would like to reach the summit of Mt. Everest on a clear night…remove my pack…and watch the world end.

I will continue updating as the responses come in.
Although thus far I am somewhat disappointed by the lack of responses I have received…sheesh people…y’all are probably the type that don’t like sales calls, either.

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