>RV tally Monday


The Seattle RV & Outdoor Recreation Show
Qwest Field & Event Center
February 8th to 11th, 2007

By far the largest RV Show on the West Coast, The Seattle RV & Outdoor Recreation Show is now in its 44th year with more exhibits than ever.

If you’ve never been to the show, you’ll be amazed at the number and variety of RVs on display from dealers throughout the Pacific Northwest region. Conveniently located inside the Qwest Field & Event Center, you’ll be able to compare and choose your next RV in a comfortable, no-pressure environment. If you have been to the show in the past, you’ll want to explore the new Adventure Video sessions along with the Tow & Towed Vehicle display. You’ll also find many useful daily seminars along with RV accessory booths to get just what you need to enjoy the RV lifestyle.

The Qwest Field parking lot sells monthly parking passes so local employees are ensured a place to camp their vehicles during the business day. (They are, of course, not valid for special events. Bitches.). I have one such pass, mostly because the weather has been less than stellar and I don’t feel like taking the bus because I am an apparent transportation snob.
Upon arriving to work this morning I couldn’t help but notice the large number of RV’s occupying the entire left-hand side of the lot. There were also a number of boats on the right-hand side of the lot, residuals from the Big Seattle Boat Show which transpired last weekend.

Shit, I thought. If I don’t have a place to park all week I’m gonna be pissed.


The parking lot attendant assured me that yes, all monthly pass holders were still permitted to park in the lot despite the rapid influx of campers and motorhomes. I thanked him and started across the crosswalk, nearly intercepting a Ford F250 hauling a camper and completely disregarding the stop sign to his right.


Walking up to my office doors I noticed two more RV’s meandering down 2nd Ave. South. Whaddahell, I thought.

A bit of background:
The office where I work faces 2nd Ave. South. 2nd Ave. South leads directly into the north parking lot of Qwest Field. I reside at the receptionist desk. My desk faces the front doors. The front doors face 2nd Ave. South.

Sit down at my desk, open email. Make tea.(RV) Print daily documents (RV). Check voicemail (RV, RV). Huh.

I was noticing a trend.

In an act of curiosity coupled with boredom, I decided to begin a tally. A tally of all the RV’s that passed by the double doors to the office which faced 2nd Ave South. Of which the receptionist desk I occupied and naturally had the perfect vantage point to conduct such a study. I kept this tally on several heart-shaped Post-It notes I had ordered especially for Valentine’s Day in order to promote festivity (is that even a word?) via small, assorted colors of pink pieces of sticky heart-shaped paper to commemorate St. Valentine himself. As I can’t post Post-It notes on my blog, a more digital format was created.
Naturally, several more RV’s have passed by in the process of writing this. About 12, to my estimation. And I’m too lazy to make another jpeg illustrating this additional information. (13).

Co-workers, in either curiosity or acknowledgment of what they perceived to be my odd-ness, would pop by periodically to see what the count was at. After the tally reached 87, RV Tally Monday reached inter-office notoriety.

With the rapid influx of RV’s observed throughout the day, I remain concerned as to the availability of parking tomorrow morning.


‘Till tomorrow then.

Voulez-voulez-vous Winnebago.

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