>SODO Mojo

>Dear God. It’s Opening Day. I’m never leaving work today.

Allow me to explain.

I work in Pioneer Square. Right across from Qwest Field. And Safeco Field.

The Opening Day game is at 3:35 pm. I am off from work at 4:00 pm.

Like I said, I’m never leaving work today.

Not that I mind baseball, at all. If I was going to the game perhaps I wouldn’t be harboring such resentment. But getting tickets now, on opening day? Heh. Besides, I have to watch the big NCAA game tonight…I’m in first place in the bracket my workplace has going. I’m already committed.

voulez-voulez-vous IIIIIIII-chirooooooo…..

postscript: This blog has landed me a supreme spot on the Google search engine under Qwest Field Parking:

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