>so, i’ve noticed that there are dozens upon hundreds upon tens of thousands of people doing all kinds of stuff which just happens to coincide with me doing various types, sorts, varieties of my stuff on a rather regular basis.

Who the hell are these bastards and just what is this stuff they’re doing, anyway? Bloody hell.

And it’s not so much the stuff they’re doing is the problem, it’s how they go about conducting their stuff that presents itself as the challenge. Efficiency is key, people. If there is to be stuff, the stuff must be carried out in a way that is least intrusive and imposing upon others.


People who make unecessary complete STOPS at yield signs. Caution is one thing. I understand this. You can never be too careful, ounce of prevention, look both ways, blah fucking blah. But when there is a line of three or four cars behind you and you sit, pointlessly, when the road has been clear for an appropriate amount of time and it is evident that a collision is no longer imminent? You are thereby preventing the line of three or four cars behind you from conducting their stuff, i.e. getting to wherever the hell it is they’re going in a timely manner because you are – HA! – instufficient!

(Wrong word usage, I realize, but funny, no?)

It’s interesting to notice people and their stuff. What the stuff is that they’re doing, why they’re doing the stuff, why they’re doing their stuff that way, et cetera. Everyone thinks that they can do everyone else’s stuff better than everyone can do their stuff themselves.

More on this stuff later.

voulez-voulez-vous work in progress

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