>anyone got a broom?

>Need to sweep the dust off this damn thing.

Notice it’s feast or famine with my blog and I.
Perhaps we should go to couple’s counseling.

Blog: “I just feel like you never pay me any attention anymore. I feel so taken for granted. Oh, sure, you post a cute picture once in a while, but fancy photos are not the basis of a healthy relationship!”

Me: “You know how hard I work. You know how much my job and activities take up my time. Why do I do it? I do it for us! I don’t take you for granted, but you sure don’t appreciate all I do for us!”

Blog: “You insensitive bitch!”

Me: “Now why ya gotta go there? I didn’t insult you. This relationship is going nowhere. When I have time for you, I’ll post more. I care about you…we have three years together…I’m not ready for it to be over. Please, please give me another chance!

(dabs at eyes with tissue)

Blogs are so high maintenance.

Voulezvoulezvous insensitive bitch.

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