>particle man

>To recap:
Beginning a couple of years ago, I developed a completely random and unexplainable fascination with pi. Not so much in application of pi, but the fact that I had a difficult time trying to comprehend that the number goes on…and on…and on…

It’s much the same when I try to think of the universe; I mean, ok, it’s big and all that…but how can something just be, big? Um, and if there is an end, like, what’s containing it? I mean, is there really such a thing as infinity? Can there really be such a thing? I don’t see how! Just WHAT the hell is going on here?
(This is where I start to question my existence by feeling the need to consider believing in an omnipotent superbeing who created the universe just so I don’t have to think so hard and give myself a nosebleed. Fortunately, I usually come to my senses and can go back to focusing on things like the Doomsday Vault and wondering if there really IS some cataclysmic event that would necessitate such a thing, won’t the environment be inhospitable to new growth, like, the soil would be depleted of it’s bacteria and stuff? And, if there is some earth-shattering disaster, just how in the hell is anyone supposed to get up to the friggin Arctic to haul all these hundreds of seeds down for planting in aforementioned useless sod thereby defeating the purpose of the damn thing in the first place????)

So, that being said…pi. So, anyway, the unending-ness of pi caught my interest and as such I decided I would see how many digits I could memorize within an undetrmined period of time. As I tend to obsess a bit, I reached 192. I was trying to shoot for a clean 200 by Pi Day this year, but I was distracted by unemployment and a general sense of self-loathing and forgot.

In my research of the history of Pi and it’s discovery and theories, I was directed to Phi, otherwise known as the Golden Ratio, Divine Proportion, Golden Mean, blah blah blah. As an artist I was pretty familiar with the idea of phi, but I didn’t realize that it, too, had an unending ratio (and as such I don’t want to go into too much detail here so just Google the damn thing if you really want to know.)

So that’s been my new gig. So I’m working on memorizing Phi, and as such in my Gmail chat status I had put:


Tina pops up, and the following conversation ensues:

Tina: ?
you are odd, do you know that?

me: moi?

Tina: uh huh

me: You must be thinking of another Niff

Tina: um…dont think so…

me: So…you just thinking that in general or was there a sort of trigger…

Tina: your latest chat tag

me: it’s Phi!

Tina: I know

me: Who doesn’t love Phi?

Tina: it’s still odd

me: Just sharin’ the love
It’s a Phi and oatmeal kinda morning

Tina: so, if phi and pi got into a fight, who would kick ass?

me: ooOOoooo…
That’s a toughie…

Tina: kinda like the superman,batman question

me: hmm….
Like particle Man and Triangle Man

Tina: course i think superman would take it

me: But Triangle wins…
and Pi can’t refer to a triangle…

Tina: or mermaid man and barnacle boy?

me: But Phi can be interpreted into a Golden Triangle…
so therefore…
Phi wins.
I have a dizzying logic, don’t I?

Tina: dizzying, truly
Im telling pi on you

Tina: I mean, does pi know you have a thing for phi?

me: Im “mathematically poly”

Tina: ah

me: if Pi can’t accept who I am…

Tina: well that explains it then

me: then, Pi can go elsewhere

Tina: mainstream mathmeticians really don’t get you.

Barman: Did you say the end of the world is coming? Shouldn’t we all lay down on the floor or put paper bags over our heads?

Ford Prefect: If you wish.

Barman: Will it help?

Ford Prefect
: Not at all.


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