>Nostalgia Thursday

>So, Nostalgia Thursday.
It all started yesterday, so I suppose it should be Nostalgia Wednesday…but it very well can’t be Wednesday today, can it? That would mean tomorrow would no longer be Friday and I see that pissing a lot of people off. Don’t be daft.
So, yesterday. My coworker felt it necessary to inform me thay the New Kids on the Block (I shit you not) are on a “reunion tour”. Reunion tour? Are you mad? They made me nauseous the first time around. This should not be allowed to happen. They were like the gateway drug for atrocities such as Backstreet Boys and N’Sync (did I spell that right? I’m sure one of you knows…you sick bastard).
I was not about the teenybopper Tiffany/Debbie Gibson/Kylie Minogue madness. (Though you have to admit, Kylie did morph into an uber-hottie, even after surviving breast cancer…she kicks ass.) I was the one of the Original New Wavers. Fuck the Emo’s man…they’re a bunch of poser wannabe’s. I bet they’re all closet Hannah Montana junkies anyway. They probably have razor blade parties jammin’ to the Spice Girls.
(aren’t I just a retro elitist bitch, eh?)
My peers and I were all about Depeche Mode, New Order, Pet Shop Boys (though they were kinda boppy), Camouflage, The Cure, the Smiths, Morrissey…and wearing as much black as possible, shunning the Jelly Shoes and L.A. Gear’s.

So needless to say I will not be waiting in line to see Dirk Diggler (I’m a star I’m a star I’m a great big shining star…) belting out “Step by Step” with his late 80’s denizen cohorts. Shudder.

I did see a poster on the way to work this morning announcing that Duran Duran, too, is on tour. Swoon… I have to admit an early-pubescent crush on the entire band. I could happily fall into a naked pile of Duran Duran. Even now…they’re like, what…50 years old or something? Doesn’t matter. Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode is about that age and I could still chew on his bottom lip for hours…

Voulez-voulez-vous Sweet Dreams are Made of This…

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