>magenta comic sans


I have this thing with the Comic Sans font.
In certain, and I mean VERY specific circumstances it may be acceptable. But in professional corresponcene and inter-office communications it is positively abhorrent.

But the worst – and I mean worst – is the

Comic Sans Email Signature

Never, ever, send me anything in comic sans. Even sans magenta. because once you do, I have immediately generated this image of a 45-year old cat lady with poofy teased out hair who has little goofy plastic toy figures all over her cubicle walls which also reeks of potpourri. She will be a scrapbooker. She will have a pink cell phone with Fur Elise as it’s ringtone. She will participate excessively in ALL departmental potlucks.

Worst-case scenario…her signature will also contain an animated gif. Emergency services may be contacted in these circumstances.

I learned through non-exhaustive research that I am not the only one who loathes this “spawned from the depths of hell” typographic nightmare. There is a group of those who fight the good fight for millions everywhere to bring justice to those who are oppressed by the bubbly font-ness that plagues their existence and haunts their dreams:

Ban Comic Sans

I regrettably have not found a local chapter…thinking of starting my own. I will march the streets day and night seeking supporters of my cause.

I will not look to my coworkers when forming my anti-comic sans cult. Why? Learning of my phobia they have now joined forces and are sending me ALL correspondances in

magenta comic sans…

There’s just too many of them! …can’t…fight…them…all…fading…faaaaading….

voulez-voulez-vous magenta damages credibility. Comic Sans destroys it.

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