racing turtles, the grapefruit is winning.

i seriously have to sit here until 4:30.
this is my inbox.

this has been my inbox since 11:17 am.

if there is nothing in my inbox, there is nothing for me to do. eh. i’ll do this.

Ed’s sitting 3 cubes behind me grumbling that they’re not giving us early release. i said well, it’s not snowing, it’ll be just as dangerous as it was this morning only pitch black…oh wait…scratch that…it’ll be more dangerous! oooo…what a way to avoid severance…

(i jest…)

i like candy canes. the peppermint kind.

Phil brought me a pomegranate today. he’s always so sweet and thoughtful like that. He gets hugs.

Phil also brought me a small heater for under my desk since i’m always freezing. if he wasn’t gay he’d get more than hugs.

i ate too many cinnamon nougats today. It’s all Andrews fault.

Jason was my personal hero and gave me a ride into work this morning. now i just need another personal hero to drive me home. hate walking 1.7 miles to and from work in this:

so, that’s all ice. and those are all stranded Metro buses. it was hilarious. there were more buses abandoned on Madison then at the Metro station. at any rate, slipping around for an hour to get home with a broken tailbone is becoming tiring. my bus route has been suspended so….yah.

it’s now 1:55. progress has been made.

my chinchilla is under the assumption that my right hand makes an attractive mate. i must disagree with him on this point. i think family counseling may be necessary.

obstreperous boisterous (ub-STREP-ur-us): Emerson perhaps characterized it best when he said, “Obstreperous roarings of the throat,” since the word means “loud and unruly” – and with a lustly, let-‘er-rip sound to it.
they were obstreperous in the extreme, partying loudly into the night.

there’s this narcissistic, chauvinistic unrelenting flirt in my office whose eyes i want to gouge out with my thumbs. instead i opted for publicly humiliating him when he used to pull his ladies’ man bullshit on me. he’s since stopped, which makes me sad in a way. men like that need to be knocked down a peg or two. they could use some perspective.

ah, 2:10.

i have way too much shredded coconut in my file cabinet.

ah, stuff in my inbox. bollocks. now i’m all into this and i don’t want to do it.

i have to work the day after Christmas, which is a Friday. lame.

who uses the word “rad” anymore? i mean, honestly? (except the aforementioned narcissistic, chauvinistic unrelenting flirt who is concurrently in the throes of a midlife crisis)

i swear to god if Ed doesn’t start cheering up and stop talking like he’s waiting to die i’m going to knock him out with my big-ass CRT monitor. thanks to all the layoffs he’s the only voice in my proximity and i can’t keep listening to this Mr. Snuffleupagus voice day in and day out. even my African violet is looking depressed.

the power really needs to go out again so we can end all this nonsense and bugger out of here already. (it was out for almost 3 ours yesterday so they gave up and sent everyone home. of course i had taken the day off and did not get to enjoy such paid liberty; i had to use my vacation hours. grumble)

Toda is a Dravidian language well known for its many fricatives and trills. It is spoken by the Toda people, a population of about one thousand who live in the Nilgiri Hills of southern India.

oh my. the rubberband ball is eyeing the new pomegranate already. sigh. better to have loved and lost etc. etc. i suppose.

this will all end in tears, i just know it.

voulez voulez vous Ed, you’d better duck, man.

2 thoughts on “racing turtles, the grapefruit is winning.

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